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You’d think with all the benefits aloe vera provides, that'd be our biggest selling point. Or our super low-calorie counts and no-sugar story... but they’re not. It’s the taste! Our mad-flavor-scientists have worked for months perfecting our mixer flavors and they are out-of-this-world delicious. Consumers are falling into fandom one after another. All it takes is a sip and you’ll be hooked — Bottoms up!


At Cady Products, we have a knack for making yummy things that consumers crave. We’ve created three amazing products that are already award-winning and delighting customers everywhere. Explore our lines of AloeMixers Cocktail Drink Mixes, Chunkie’s Super Chunky Salsas and Smokey's Liquid Smoke.

   C  R  A  F  T  I  N  G    F  L  A  V  O  R  S



We’ve created something special. A mixer that’s low-cal, low-sodium and truly tastes better than brands loaded up with sugar... and knocks the socks off “sugar-free” alternatives!
Mornings will never be the same, because this bloody mary mix is an all day affair. Enjoy with vodka. Or don’t. It so yummy you’ll want to drink it straight. Enjoy!
You’ve never seen salsa like Chunkie’s. And it’s probably because it’s not easy to make. We had to re-engineer our kettle-cooking processes and packing machinery just to help bring this homemade taste to the masses. Why? Because this stuff is incredible. Chunkie’s flavor reigns supreme, bursting with juicy, fresh-tasting ingredients. It tastes more like a meal than a appetizer, so get yourself some sturdy chips... You're gonna need 'em!
R E Q U E S T  A  S A M P L E

Cady Products is committed to crafting delicious, wholesome foods and beverages that go beyond the average consumer trap of sugary, low-quality food offerings. Our products are made to please and impress. And we think you’ll agree once you try them. Qualifying brokers and/or distributors can request samples from either or

Who are you going to trust to deliver an authentic smoke flavor to your home cooking? Smokey’s of course! Stapled in tradition, Smokey’s guarantees to give you that impeccable outdoor smoke flavor your taste buds crave! Enjoy the results of just a dash of Smokey’s Liquid Smoke. Available in Mesquite and Hickory flavors and 5 or 16 fluid ounce sizes.



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